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LiveJournal for Michelle Rodriguez Fans.
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Sunday, August 18th, 2002

Subject:Michelle's radio interview
Time:11:47 pm.
Mood: amused.
While browsing a Michelle fan club that I belong to- I came across a transcript (that one of the girls in the fan club wrote up herself-after getting up early to listen to the broadcast) of a radio interveiew that Michelle did for some east coast radio show.. thought I'd post her transcript for you guys. :)

here's the interview on q102 i typed it up.

Q102 Interview on August 16th
okay let me first say that i got up at the ungodly hour of 7 oclock
just to hear this interview which didn't play until around 9 (yes i'm
pathetic lol) and then i typed it up...enjoy! oh and i think this was
previsely taped
C:Chio (one of the DJ's)
K:Kristy (one of the DJ's)
M:Michelle Rodriguez

C: talkin about all the movies she's played in so the listeners know
who they're talking about.

C: and she's on the line right now, Michelle Michelle Michelle...
C:Hi Michelle Rodriguez!
M:How you doin man?
C:How are you?
M:I'm relaxin over here in L.A.
C:Is that where you live right now, L.A.?
M:Hell no, I'm actually gonna be living right close to you guys in
M:I'm actually moving towards Hope, New Jersey
C:Wow yeah, that's not to far from us. M:Nope not at all
C:so why you goin there? you don't wanna be in the big city of New
York? I'm mean your an actress, usually they say N.Y or L.A.
M:I've done the cities all my life you know, there's no need you
know,for me, it's an hour away.
K:So you'll be a Q102 listener now? Rock on! ::laughs::
M:Yeah man.
K:Well lets talk about your new movie Blue Crush, it's hitting the
threaters on friday, and uh, people are talking about this movie like
crazy, cause it's girls on surf boards, tell us what's that about? do
you really surf?
M:I honestly believe out of all the surf films that I've seen in my
life, you only have a handful first off to go with and I think
between like Point Break and this film I think we've done really good
justice to, to the surf world man, like they see those waves in the
respect that they won't even think about the girls, you know what I
M:Cause it's just that kind of respect it's the size, it's how
beautifly they shot it.
K:and the sound effects alone my god, it makes the whole movie, it
ingolfs you.
M:::laughing:: yeah it's blue crush I think the term definitely will
apply when your in the threater and you gettin your ear drums crushed.
K:::laughs:: Michelle can I ask you about this rumor that has come to
my attention, I'm sure it's been addressed to you before.
M:::laughs:: K:but let's just get it out there in the forefront since
the man that i'm about to talk about is Mr. #1 in the box office.
There's a rumor that you and Mr. XXX Vin Disel had a thing.
M:::laughs:: oh boy we're just good friends man you know.
K:Well, you know what that means in hollywood talk you wanna
elaborate alittle more.
::Chio and Michelle are both laughing::
C:yeah we're just good friends.. ::saying it in a joke kinda way::
M:Hey man i'm stickin to my guns.
M:I did not have sex with Monica Lewinski
::they all laugh::
K:Alright so I guess your just good friends, do you speak with him
now still?
M:Yeah yeah, I speak to him every now and then, he's a busy guy you
C:Are you at all shocked or I mean you know you spent alot of time
working on TFATF with him, are you surprised that he made it?
M:Not at all
C:he's like the big guy that's it,[his] movie came out last week.
M:no no no, you meet him, you know right away where he's going.
M:Like you just don't, you know you don't question it at all.
M:uh the only thing your going to question is the timing.
C:Right right
M:How long it will take
C:Are you doing TFATF 2? or you not doing that?
M:Hell no ::laughs::
C:I heard you wanted like 15 mil. you said "nah that's not enough".
M:Nah man that's not me I'm not a diva, it's just that I just don't
wanna be Letty for the rest of my life you know what I mean?
C:I hear ya I hear ya. So you won't tell us about Vin Disel will you
tell us about Yankey's short stop Derek Jetter?
M:I don't know what's up with that. That is Jordana Brewster and of
course you know people just look at brown hair, brown eyes, and they
don't think brazilian or harvard they think you know or Jersey City,
you know, we are so different you ::starts laughing:: know what I
M:But that's Jordana Brewsters territory if I'm correct, not mine.
C:No but how bout in the past? you've been rumored, did you ever date
M:Hell no
C:You don't like him, you don't think he's hot?
M:He's a sweetie, he's a hottie, but I mean come on now he's a
baseball playing jock, like hello, you tellin me he's not gonna get
laid when you guys are away from each other?
K:OMG ::starts laughing::
C:Good Morning Everybody! ALright! ::kinda laughin, i don't think he
expected that answer lol::
K:Hello! Alright, to put it lightly, Alright so Michelle give us in
15 seconds or less, tell us why we should see Blue Crush on friday?
M:Uh! cause it's an adrenline rush, cause I almost died 3 times just
trying to train for it. Um cause we got the top surfers in the world
doing our stunts as far as the surfing goes. i do my own jet ski
stuff it's literally SICK.
::Chio and Kristy laugh::
M:like 20 foot waves behind my butt
K:Rock On!
M:and it's defintely you know, if guys don't to watch it I think
they're gay.
::everyone laughs::
K:okay basically if you don't go see Blue Crush, your gay
M:::laughing:: Yeah man!!
C:alright Ms. Michelle thank you for taking the time out to talk to
us today.
M:Thanks for talking to me
C:Michelle that's a nice butt by the way
M:::laughs::thank you baby
C:Your Welcome, Michelle Rodriguez, the movies called Blue Crush,
check it out cause if your a guy and you don't check it out. Your
Freakin Gay!!
M:Yeah!! ::laughing::
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LiveJournal for Michelle Rodriguez Fans.

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